PEGA-SIS Presents Its First Webinar

PEGA-SIS sponsored its first webinar for AALL on March 29th 2017. Personal Strategic Planning: Creating a Vision-Driven Career was moderated by Deborah Schander, Research Services Librarian and Lecturer in Law, Vanderbilt Law Library, and presented by Leo Lo, Associate University Librarian at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.

In the webinar, Leo opened with an eye-opening statistic: of 553 librarians he surveyed, 44% of them had set New Year’s resolutions for the previous year – and of that group, 73% of them did not accomplish those resolutions. In an even more eye-opening set of results, of 371 librarians surveyed later, only 11% had a personal vision statement for their careers. In the webinar, Leo chronicled his own journey to making prudent, strategic choices about his life, from quitting smoking to crafting a 45 By 45 Project. He also offered suggestions to how the rest of us can move from a fixed to a growth mindset, build career capital, and be more engaged in the paths our lives and careers take.

This webinar fits right in with PEGA’s own mission. We exist to help our members and others become active members of the law library profession – and we as a profession benefit when we have thoughtful, engaged, and enthusiastic librarians who make strategic plans for their careers. If you missed the webinar, we invite you to view the recording on AALLNET.

And as a final thought, we’re hoping this webinar encouraged you to think about creating your own personal strategic plan. Whether you want to do a one-off activity or create something like your own 45 By 45 project, we want to hear about it! And we want to support you in that effort. We’ll be creating a space for people to talk about these activities. Keep an eye on your inbox for more details.


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