Call to Action: Responding to Hurricane Sandy by Supporting our Members

Friends –

We have all seen the devastation in the Northeast brought by Hurricane Sandy.  Some of the other special interest sections have put out messages on how to donate to charitable organizations going into the area.  Who would be interested in sending something special from the Gen X/Y Caucus?

Here’s the idea, I would like to gauge interest of the caucus members on sending care packages filled with children’s books, magazines, blankets, hats (perhaps you are part of a knitting group that can knit some gloves and hats), and so on to libraries affected in New Jersey and New York.  Trez has thought about reaching out to the NY Public Library due to the overwhelming response they are having to the public because they are up and running with heat,electricity and internet. Targeting Staten Island would also be a good idea since they took a hard hit from Sandy. We have some contact with people in the area where we can send care packages, but we welcome suggestions from you.

I would like to specifically reach out to our colleagues at law libraries affected by Sandy, so if you know of anyone who could benefit from a care package please email me off list.  

Here is a list of items to potentially donate:

  • winter clothing (hats, scarfs, gloves, hand warmers, socks);
  • jackets (children and adults);
  • toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brushes, etc);
  • blankets;
  • flashlights, candles, batteries
  • books and magazines for adults and children.

If you are interested in helping with the organization of the care packages, please email me off list.  

If you would like to send supplies, we would like to start collecting immediately.  Please mail them to: Liz M. Johnson, P.O. Box 7206, Winston-Salem, NC 27109.  If you are going to send something, please shoot me an email just to let me know to be on the lookout (and give the mailroom a heads-up).

If you would like to donate money for shipping costs, please let me know so we can arrange the logistics. Please feel free to share this message with your colleagues, friends and family.



  1. I am actually interested in doing a similar thing with a service organization for college. I’m looking for help with some of the details. Would you mind leaving your email address? I’d love to send you a message about it.


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