Leadership Skills Anyone Can Utilize

Leadership skills are highly valuable commodities in the workplace and on the job market. People early in their careers often lament the difficulty of gaining leadership skills when not working in a leadership position. Fret no more because leadership is a state of mind.  Here are tips for demonstrating leadership skills even when your job duties don’t specify that you’re leading:

Relationships First

The best leaders are those who cultivate healthy relationships with the people around them at work. Leaders listen to all points of view and consider all sides of a situation before coming to conclusions or making decisions. No matter what your current position, demonstrating good listening skills and refraining from quick judgments will make you a happier law librarian… and one who people like to have around.


Those with good leadership skills don’t dwell on the past or complain about past events. Instead, they learn from the past. And they use that knowledge to move forward in a way that will create a better outcome in the future.

Admit Limitations

There’s little worse than working with people who think they have all the answers. The most respected leaders have sufficient confidence in themselves to say, “I don’t know.” When people admit they don’t know all the answers, it puts others at ease and tends to facilitate discussion. Of course, there are times when people should know answers and don’t, but that’s another blog post.

A few resources on leadership:

  1. Developing Leadership Skills for the New in the Workplace
  2. Great Workplaces Arise from Great Leaders

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