Brief Book Review: The Millennial Lawyer

Many newer law librarians are Millennials (or Generation Y), and a majority of law students are in this generation. It’s always refreshing when a new article or book comes out that sheds some light on the murky waters of generational issues in the workplace. Ursula Furi-Perry’s most recent book, The Millennial Lawyer: Making the Most of Generational Differences in the Firm, does just that—and with a legal twist that makes it especially useful for those who are in that generation or who worth with them.

Although the book is written for senior lawyers managing younger ones and the younger ones who must adjust to firm life, the lessons are broad enough to help law librarians with our own workplace issues and help us help our law students.  Furi-Perry’s writing style is easy to read and allows readers to quickly gather a few new ideas whether reading cover to cover or just flipping through reading a few pages here and there.

Chapters include ones defining Millennials or Generation Y and their broad characteristics, explaining Millennial values and motivations, the Millennial entrepreneurial spirit, and the need for work life balance. Appendices include a Millennial Lawyer Survey, Homework for Millennial Lawyers, and Career Resources for Millennial Lawyers.


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