Blogger Profile: Katherine Marshall

Your name: Katherine Marshall
Job title: Acquisitions Librarian (and Accidental Archivist)

What’s your favorite thing about your job?: Hunting down hard to find items, running collection development meetings.

What is your least favorite thing about your job?: Reconciling the budget and/or paying ABA & West invoices!

How/why did you become a law librarian? I landed a job in the law library on campus during grad school, fell in love with everything, and decided to stay. It didn’t hurt that it’s something of a niche speciality, which is cool.

Do you have any pets or siblings? Six younger brothers and a pet Green Plant (seriously, that was the name on the florist tag). They’re all pretty good about bouncing back if you water them well.

What was the last interesting book you read? I just finished French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon, because I’m a fascinated foodie AND occasional mommy wars junkie.

Do you have any hobbies? I spend a lot of time cooking & baking, writing letters to my grandmother, and reading comic books. I also like getting people hooked on awesome tv shows and talking about how Tony Stark & Bruce Banner are Science Bros 4 Life.

My contributions to this blog will likely be a hodge-podge of thoughts relating to student workers, acquisitions, archives, and professional development. This is my first time at the rodeo, so while this won’t exactly be NFR-worthy it should be fun.


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