Call for Proposals for the 2013 Annual Meeting and Conference

What are you planning to propose for Seattle that reflects the interests of your caucus?

The Call for Proposals for the 2013 Annual Meeting and Conference in Seattle opens on Thursday.  AMPC invites caucus members to propose programs that engage the learner while addressing members’ issues and offering takeaways that can be applied in our workplace.

Members should look at the survey results for program ideas.  The results also identify similar challenges across library types and may be opportunities for collaboration on developing a program.

The Annual Meeting Program Ideas Community is a venue where all members can discuss program ideas and find other members to collaborate with on a proposal.

The proposal form is short but allows the proposer to really think about what they want to accomplish in their program.  The proposal form asks the following questions:

  • What are the three  takeaways that attendees will be able to use and apply to perform their jobs better?
  • How would you describe the problem/opportunity/scenario/challenge that reflects the      takeaways?
  • Who needs to attend this session?
  • How much time is needed to effectively deliver this content?
  • What methods do you  plan to employ to engage attendees and keep the energy level up?
  • Who should deliver this content, and what are the speaker’s qualifications? (If this person is not an AALL member, are there anticipated expenses?)

Although the selection process no longer includes caucus sponsorship , proposers are encouraged to work with the caucus’ education committee or leadership.  They can review your proposal and offer suggestions before submission, and it lets them know what programs caucus members are proposing.  As a result members are encouraged to submit suggestions to the Gen X/ Gen Y Programming Committee (Chair Taryn Rucinski Caucus members are also encouraged to reach out to Carol Watson, your AMPC liaison, or Julie Pabarja, AMPC Chair, with any questions.


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