“Scholarship doesn’t have to be stuffy”: Beer and Edits a big success

(This post was written by event organizers Andrea Alexander and Jordan Jefferson)

The AALL Annual Meeting is a time for education, networking, and camaraderie. This year in Boston almost 60 law librarians, new and established, first job to director, came together for scholarship, collaboration, and libation at Beer & Edits 2012. B&E was designed by Andrea Alexander of Ohio Northern University’s Taggart Law Library and Jordan Gilbertson of the Duncan School of Law to bring law librarians together in a casual setting to discuss ideas for scholarship, get and give feedback, and mingle with other people in the field. Beer & Edits provided an opportunity to find writing partners, meet others interested in similar topics, exchange work for editing, and brainstorm, all while enjoying a beverage!

Thoughts from a few of the attendees:

“I met so many great people at Beer and Edits that it will be a must attend part of every annual meeting from here on out. Scholarly doesn’t have to be stuffy. B&E was the perfect spark to get things going.” –Meg Lulofs Kuhagen, librarylulu.com

“Beer & Edits 2012 at AALL was a great experience in two ways. First, I got to meet and talk to fellow Gen X/Y’ers in a social setting, and talk to them about their interests and careers (both the bad and the good). And second, I talked to a number of my peers about a subject I find problematic: scholarship and its discontents. I met a lot of colleagues, and many are now my friends. I wouldn’t miss Beer & Edits 2013 in Seattle for anything. Thanks, Jordan and Andrea!” — Mitchell Silverman, Nova Southeastern University

“I had not initially planned to attend Beer & Edits but am so happy that I did. The group was beyond welcoming even though I hadn’t RSVPed (a faux pas I won’t make again), and I got a lot out of the meeting. I was able to connect with people with similar research interests, hear about some interesting projects, chat about an idea for a conference panel, and have a general grand ole time. I’m looking forward to the next event in Seattle!”  –Christine George, Charles B. Sears Law Library at SUNY-Buffalo

We’re grateful for the law library community’s support for Beer & Edits. We are already gearing up to make it bigger and better in Seattle in 2013, so please feel free to weigh in with ideas or sign up for the Beer & Edits listserv on AALLnet’s My Communities site!


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